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Cloudflare Scandal

The discovery of a security bug related to the internet service company Cloudflare has been brought to the attention of consumers.


When using major websites on the internet today, consumers naturally believe that their personal information is stored safely. However, Cloudflare, which manages over six million websites, including well-known e-commerce and dating sites has recently encountered a major glitch.

The company revealed in a blog statement that between September 2016 and February 2017 millions of personal details and sensitive information such as addresses, chat logs, email addresses and passwords were leaked. Thankfully, it doesn’t appear like the system error was used maliciously.

Despite that, the fact that major bugs are so easy to come by is a worry for the average consumer. Everyone uses tech, and signs up for sites and services online. It’s inevitable that someone will lose personal information. We asked IT teacher Miss Aslam about what she thinks of keeping data safe online she and if she feels her information is secure she quoted ‘No I don't. Every company will get hacked eventually, and no matter how safe a website is people can lose details. Many more companies have been hacked, but it's only just being brought to light, it’s just a fact of using the web."

However, as soon as the bug was reported, Cloudflare created and sent out a patch to stop the issue. The scare is that the problem went on for months and no one knew. And despite no one maliciously using the information, some is still cached to the internet and search engines. If someone has the knowledge of what to search for, they could find the information. Cloudflare is working to clean this issue up.

By Olivia and Amy

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