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A 2013 study revealed that most kids of today go outside about half as much as their parents did when they were young.


It seems they would rather read, play games, even do work over going outdoors. We talked to Paralympian Hannah “Hurricane” Cockcroft about her thoughts on the situation, what inspired her to start in the racing world and what she would like to say to the generation who are slowly straying away from sport. “Try everything even if you don’t know you’ll enjoy it and eventually you’ll find something you fall in love with.” She told us in the interview. Hannah continued to advise us, saying; “Make sure you make something you love your life, and you’ll never do a day’s work.” One of the reasons why many children don’t get into sport is simply because their parents are trying too hard to push them into sports and clubs. Kids feel pressurised and don’t take time to choose what they themselves want to do. Consequently, they find excuses not to do the activities their parents have arranged for them to do. Hopefully watching our interview in the video below will inspire kids to get into sports.

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