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Trump wiretap claims disbanded

Allegations that Donald Trump put forward about Obama’s wiretapping have been deemed false. These unprovoked twitter claims were not backed up with any valid evidence.


The former US intelligence chief James Clapper denied that a wiretap had been ordered by Obama. The FBI has reportedly asked the US justice department to reject the allegation and denied the allegation. But Trump, through his secretary Sean Spicer, has urged Congress to investigate the claims, alongside its investigations into allegations of Russian hacking during the election. In fact, it would be almost impossible for Obama to wiretap Trump. As it had to go through the FISA court which deals with foreign matters and as Trump has American workers in Trump towers this would be easily turned down. It is suspected that Trump may have made these allegations based on a radio report by Mark Levin, a conservative radio host, however none of the allegations have been proven by a person in a position of authority.

By Robert, Naomi, Sam and Alice.

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